End of Season Quiz Night

A brilliant success with 10 teams competing!
Team ‘Me Ducks’ were the winners with 113 points and took the cash prize of £100.  In second place with 112 points we had the ‘Barry Yeo Appreciation Society’ and in third place with 108 points were ‘Club Tuppence’.
Although thanked on the night I would like to thank all teams for supporting the event, andf all the helpers who gave their time for the cause
A very sporting gesture came from ‘Me Ducks’ who donated £20 of their winnings back to BTFC
Must mention Paul Sanders and his team The Devizes Bus.  Paul developed a bit of a sulk because his team finished in bottom spot with just 78 points {which I thought was a very good score considering he had a retired postman, fireman and civil servant on side}  Just joking Paul – hope the Arsenal win on Saturday or we are all in for the sulk of the year !!
See you for the next one


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