New Year Blues

Hi readers – or is it viewers ? Has your New Year started the way you would have wished ?

For me – absolute disaster

Overlooked once again in the Honours List

My other favourite football team – Preston North End – losing to Peterborough United in the F.A.Cup – I mean Peterborough United for god sake !

All the hype around the Big Rollover on the Lottery.  I never have much luck with raffles and the like.  So I bought a ticket then lost the darn thing.

Age UK keep sending me details of their Funeral Plan – just what I need at the start of a year.

Despite receiving the flu’ vaccine last November, the Clarke household succumbed to the virus this past week.  Never felt so ill in all my life.

Friday evening I strolled up the garden to clear my head and as I sat looking up at the stars I said to myself ” I must put a roof on this outside toilet ‘

Back in the warmth and comfort of the lounge it was time to take stock – the family photos around the room and how lucky to be able to enjoy life whatever.  Tomorrow can only get better.  Nothing can spoil how I feel.

Then Melksham F.C. arrived in town !!

Chin Up

John C.


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