Giving the club back it’s nickname?

As a Barnstaple Town fan what are your thoughts on giving the club back it’s nickname ?

The start of next season would be the ideal time to re-introduce the name of the ‘Redskins’ into the Barnstaple Town Football Club vocabulary.   Why Redskins ?

The origins of some nicknames are unclear with various stories being put forward.  The usual basis for nicknames are local industry – club colours – name of club – name of area or ground.

In the case of Barnstaple Town and the Redskins it all started back in the late 1940’s {season 1948-49 to be exact} when the club first took up residence in the Western Football League.

Eyebrows were raised among the majority of member clubs like Swindon, Cheltenham and Trowbridge – all asking the question – where is Barnstaple Town ?

The story goes that the public north of Taunton were convinced that North Devon was ‘Cowboy Country’ and therefore  with that in mind and the club colours being red we should be named the ‘Redskins’

Barnstaple Town Supporters Club took up the challenge and every away trip on the front of the team bus above the dashboard they displayed a model of an Indian Chief.

Commercially it could prove a nice little earner for the club – Club Badge, Shirt Badge, Pennants even re name the Match Day Programme The Redskin’

It would be nice to get some feed back from you the supporters.

Let the club know your thoughts

Thank You

John C.

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