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Dear Supporters,

Last Thursday evening I held a Supporters Forum to bring everyone up to date on recent and past events. So much has happened since the summer of last year, with a new Manager being appointed and so many changes to the team and then Richard Pears stepping down I thought it only right to tell Barnstaple Football team’s friends what was happening.

As you know the decision was taken to give Kevin and Dave, who had been assisting Richard, the chance to carry on managing the team, hoping that they will get the results we all wish for.

I explained why I was there as Chairman, and what had happened with the previous Committee, how the new Directors and Committee had undertaken to pay all outstanding accounts left by the previous Committee. Once those debts were cleared we set out a programme to upgrade much of the area. I feel that we have achieved most of the things on our “wish list” with the exception of the old stand and the floodlights. Please be assured that both of those things are still being looked at and we hope to achieve at least one of them this year. They are both big items and in the region of 70K each. So I hope the Commercial Manager will come up with some big ideas!

Kevin and Dave gave a presentation as to what they hope to achieve this season and how they are looking forward to next season. It has been difficult for them because they are virtually starting with a fresh team, only two players stayed at the end of last season. I am truly grateful to them, thank you Niall and Jed.

In the question section of the evening there were questions asked about the players and the budget. Don’t get it wrong, there will be no cut in the budget for next season, there will be a team at Barnstaple. Rumours that have been circulating aren’t good. If you want to know something just ask me I am always available, I am at the Club usually two or three times a week. I attend every home game.

One thing I did say was that like all small Clubs we survive because of our volunteers we need to paint both inside and out at the Club. I have had four volunteers offering to help but that won’t be until April or so, but if you have some spare time to help at the Club, Dennis will always find something for you to do.

Jasmine Chesters


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