100 Plus Club

The door has finally closed on the 100 Plus Club Monthly Fundraiser.

Over the past 3 years – 1st April 2015 when draw No.1 took place – a total of £4209.46 has been handed over to the parent club during this period.

This figure has helped fund various projects including new seating in the covered enclosure,refurbishment of the canteen and funding  a number of away coach travel  trips.

The account is now  showing a closing balance of  £1,800 and this money will be transferred to the Football Club account  around mid-August. It was suggested that the account be closed down but following talks with the bank officials  it would be in our interest to keep the account active – holding just  a balance of  say £20.

It might well be in the future that the club decides to re introduce the 100 Plus Club or use the account for another purpose i.e Floodlight Appeal Fund

To close the account or re-open another involves a lot of paperwork.  They tell me it’s a lot easier to get a divorce!

So, over the past 3 years a total  of £6,000 and a bit has been raised.

As joint promoter – Jane (Huxtable) being the other, we jointly thank you for your magnificent support and ask you to give support to our commercial manager Richard Edwards and his new weekly lottery.


Thank You

John Clarke

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