Toolstation Western League Annual Convention 2015

So, on Saturday May 16th, a group of Barnstaple Town’s finest (and Barry and Baggs) travelled down to the Palace Hotel in Torquay for the Annual Convention.

Pre-dinner drinks were held in a local pub where there was football on TV (now, there’s a surprise), before our motley crew returned to the hotel to scrub up and don their party gear. The evening started with a splash as Ryan Turner’s full pint seemed to take a dive – rather like Ashley Young! Oh dear….!

Anyway, onto the food: Thai chicken salad to start, then watercress + spinach soup, followed by roast lamb and all the trimmings with iced cappuccino delice for dessert (there’s posh for you!). A near disaster, involving Turnz, soup and Lorna was apparently avoided only by the waiter’s deft body swerve!

The awards were presented in stages, during and after the meal. First up was Programme of the Year – BARNSTAPLE TOWN were delighted to be awarded the Division One Runners-Up trophy, collected by Jane, looking extremely glam in BTFC red!. Huge thanks and a round of applause should go to Daniel Roulstone for all his work throughout the year in designing the programme and putting it together for every home game; Division One winners in this category were Radstock Town.

Another award came to the BTFC table with Top Goal Scorer: Premier Division – Matthew Huxley – Cadbury Heath, and First Division – Ryan ‘Turnz’ Turner – BARNSTAPLE TOWN!!!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will note another mishap – this time not of Turnz’ doing. So, what’s with the secret transfer to Cadbury Heath, Ryan? (We are assured that this was a ‘printing error’ – phew.)

Moving on to Manager of the Season: Premier Division – Scott Rogers (Willand Rovers), and First Division – Barry Yeo (BARNSTAPLE TOWN). Congratulations, Barry and Baggs!

Then followed the award of the Les Phillips Cup: winners – Willand Rovers, finalists BARNSTAPLE TOWN.

A final potential mishap for the evening was luckily avoided – just seconds from disaster: as Jane and Lorna were carrying all our awards back to the car, the table collapsed (nothing to do with Turnz, this time)!! We are given to understand that this had absolutely nothing to do with the number of empties on the table.

So, all in all, Barnstaple Town did a great job of cleaning up on Awards Night – let’s hope we can celebrate again this time next year.

As a footnote, even after a fab night out with gourmet food, some things just don’t change. Slightly overdressed for McD’s, Jane?!


Thank you to BTFC’s Paul Sanders for the write up.

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