Departing note from Jasmine Chesters

14th May 2018


On Saturday I stood down as Chairman of Barnstaple Town Football Club, there are several reasons for this.


1) I have served as Chair for over 5 years and thought as it is the end of the season it would be good to get some younger person involved.


2) There is a toxic undercurrent at times in the Club House from a small group of people who profess to be supporters. I found this intolerable, it has damaged the atmosphere of what was a happy friendly Club.


3) The Directors and Committee have devoted a great deal of time to getting the Club out of financial trouble and have overseen many improvements. There is only a couple of large things to do now and that includes LED’s and to look at making the old stand more useable. Obviously the walls could all do with freshening up as well as some doors need to be replaced.


4) Although I don’t participate in Facebook or Twitter I am told that there have been several nasty comments made about me, one person told me that some of them were vile! Whatever the intent was it hasn’t happened as I don’t read them. One person in particular, who I am told is often putting comments on the website, should remember that he sold his boots and body to Bideford to get £10 per week more! So someone who really cares about BTFC, I don’t think so!


I wish the team and the Managers much success for the future, they all deserve it. I know they are all looking forward to the forth coming season.


The Committee will be looking for a new Treasurer, and some-one to do the website. Dan will stay and will sort the programmes and social media. Richard Edwards is the new Commercial Manager and I know that he will do an excellent job for the Club.


I want to thank those who understand that I was there to help the Club, to stop it being closed complete. There are many wonderful people who really do support the club through thick or thin. Thank you to those who were friendly and kind to me. I also wanted to thank the wonderful volunteers and Committee because without them the Club couldn’t survive.



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