Man on the Terrace

He’s Back!

Open the turnstiles and let him through – ‘Your Man on the Terrace’ is making a welcome return

What has been an important contribution to the playing budget over the past 4 years somehow lost enthusiasm last season.

Here we are at the start of the new season and I am pleased to report that to date £80 per month has been pledged.

“Not a Lot” I can hear you say, but if we can build on that figure this will help management keep hold of the younger talent  that may be tempted away.

Before you ask, yes I am still in retirement but more than happy to oversee a vital fundraiser and will work closely with the committee on it.

The scheme kicks-off on the 1st September through to April 2019.

All matters relating to the scheme will be  in the strictest confidence – for more details please contact me on 01271 374055 or email


Thank you


John Clarke

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