Barum Programme Club

In the last year or so there has been a lot of discussion across all levels of Football about the need and viability of continuing to have printed match day programmes available to purchase at games, and with this being the digital era many clubs, including several in our league, have stopped producing printed programmes in favour of having a programme available to download via the internet.

Here at Barnstaple Town Football Club we are big believers that clubs should have printed programmes available to buy, we feel it’s an important communication tool to keep supporters in touch with all aspects of the club they love, especially as a lot of supporters don’t use the internet, and it keeps an old British Football tradition alive, they are collectable, a souvenir, and very informative.

I the editor, and my contributors, spend a lot of time getting each edition together, so it is always nice when an edition sells out, but it is a shame when somebody misses out when they do sell out, on the other hand it is frustrating when there are lots left over, it’s a minefield trying to get in the correct quantity. This is where the idea for ‘Barum Programme Club’ comes in.

The idea is that, if you are someone who would like a programme for every home game, you pay in advance for the games ahead, at a slightly discounted rate as an incentive, and this will guarantee that there will be a programme put aside for you for every home game, even if you are not attending, then upon arrival at the ground the programme seller will have yours ready for you in a separate bucket to the ones on general sale, if you cannot attend a game I, the editor, will put your programme aside for you to collect at the next game. This is something we started last season, and ran with some success.

Obviously this only covers the home league games as we don’t know what home cup fixtures we will have, if any…

In the Football Programme awards for the 2018/19 season, our programme ‘The Barum Red Top’ was awarded 2nd best programme for our league, and joint 30th best programme in the whole of the UK non-league, so that’s joint 30th place out of 500+ teams, something we are very proud of, and seek to improve upon this coming season.

Interested?  there are 19 home league games for the 2019/20 season, so 19 programmes, for which we will charge you £32, not a huge saving, but if the programme club proves to be worthwhile over this coming season, we can look at improving the deal for the seasons ahead.

For anybody who lives away from North Devon, or is unable to attend games, posting of programmes can be arranged, at a cost of £1 per edition.

During the 2018/19 season our programmes have been sent to a wide range of locations, including: Sunderland, Brechin, Italy, Australia, and Vietnam.

If you would like to take advantage of the Barum Programme Club please contact Daniel, the editor, to arrange your subscription.


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